Heaven & Hell Test (Naga Viper into Plexi)

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Heaven & Hell Test (Naga Viper into Plexi)

Post by lll »

Rough sketched out with some studio magic... good long snippet up to 1st solo

Triple tracked (left, center, middle) with center a few dBs quieter


Carvin DC150 w SH-5
Catalinbread Naga Viper (everything cranked, but Boost at 12 o clock)
'68 Plexi spec Marshall 50W (everything at 5, upper left input)
Suhr Reactive load

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tape satch, etc
Lexicon 224 reverb
Soundtoys Echoboy delay (666ms!) :o

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Re: Heaven & Hell Test (Naga Viper into Plexi)

Post by harddriver »

This sounds great as always lll. I like how the guitars are up front in the mix like the album. That Naga Viper is killer sounding into your plexi, very nice! The guitar tone has all the hallmarks of Iommi from the DIO era.........that hard edged crunch. ;) 8-)
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