EVH 5150 Iconic Amp.....

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Re: EVH 5150 Iconic Amp.....

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Watson503 wrote: Sun May 08, 2022 2:19 am I'm really thinking hard about buying one of these, told myself when we bought our house I'd get a head and a 4x12 and that was over two years ago.... I've been playing through a Randall RG80 (one of the newer ones I bought a few years ago - got it for @ $200 with a coupon from MF and now they're north of $700 in Biden's America which is ridiculous) and from everything i've read and heard online, you really can't beat these for the price - even though they've gone up since release.
I think it is a really good sounding amp for the money Watson........... Go for it..... :lol:

You couldn't source the parts for it in that price range especially now.
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