A New Idea

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A New Idea

Post by RockyStar »

Well....A new idea to some maybe.

Everybody talks about amps, pedals, pickups etc and some folks go to great lengths and efforts to get that little bit of extra juice from the squeeze. It could be a tube roll, a cable swap, a boost or an EQ shift...however one of the most dramatic tonal shifts a person can make is in the speaker they use along with the cabinet. Bring a mic and its position into the equation and it is the most dramatic of shifts in the tonal spectrum. I say all this to bring me to a question. Why are we using the same speakers (most of us for the most part) in everything we do? It could be because they are great, work well in those situations and we like them. Nothing wrong with any of that. What if we rocked the boat, started trying out all kinds of other speakers and maybe found something we liked better or discovered a new speaker for a particular sound that became another industry standard that just hasn't been discovered yet? What if you discovered "your sound", the sound you hear in your head and it isn't a Greenback or a Vintage 30 or some other common speaker. How cool would that be?

I know everything can be a rabbit hole but I am myself curious about a few speakers and wanting to go down the rabbit hole of speakers and see if anything grabs my attention.

What are some speakers you have tried that you liked or disliked and why? What sounds were you after? Etc?
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Re: A New Idea

Post by PLX »

I recently replaced a couple of the Celestions G12M-70s in a 4x12 cabinet with Scumback BM75's.

I also bifurcated the cabinet to create a stereo cab.

Used birch plywood for the center partition.





It's a good sound!

I'll either put an SM-57 on the Sumback and an AKG-220 on the Celestion and mix them in my DAW (Reaper), or I will just mic the Scumback and run one of the 16Ω taps into my reactive load/line out.. then mix these two signals.

The line out winds up being slightly offset (milliseconds) and I can either roll with that slight time offset because it fattens up the tone, or adjust it with the "InPhase" plug-in by Waves.

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