How About All The "Uprising" Limpdicks Over At

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How About All The "Uprising" Limpdicks Over At

Post by Ritchie's Party Hat »

Seriously, they're the epitome of "poseur".

Couldn't stand the fags like Donnie and his million-alt march, go start an "uprising" and complain, talk a big game threatening about going to another forum because they're tired of the fags and Donnie, and just wind up staying put like the saggy, flaccid penises that they are.

So, when one looks at Donnie and his faggot ilk versus the "uprising" crowd, which does one loathe more?

Tough decision! :lol:
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Re: How About All The "Uprising" Limpdicks Over At

Post by lll »

Yep, they're fucking useless, and you already know some of them are paid posters.

Zero. Fucking. Character.
The Democratic Party is a criminal organization and the enemy within of the United States of America.
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