Kali Audio IN-8

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Kali Audio IN-8

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Monitors, as in monitor speakers? I used older Roket-8s, which were good for the time, and for the money. The Kali Audio IN-8s blew them away. There are better speakers, for much more money, but I really like these as they have a slight 'V' curve in the EQ (as we tend to shape music when listening), and are very clear in sound. They are not 100% flat, which makes a difference. As indicated, a slight 'V' shape, and people tend to want a bit of bass and treble boost when listening to music. Consequently, when mixing, this makes a better mix as it reflects how the music, eventually, will be heard.
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Re: Kali Audio IN-8

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How different are these than the 5.5's I wonder?
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