What This Forum Is And Is Not

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What This Forum Is And Is Not

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What this forum is:

This forum is a guitar gear forum first and foremost. However, unlike every other guitar gear forum out there, this forum allows conservative speech. It also allows political and religious talk.

No one will get banned or an infraction for doing so, provided they post it in the appropriate categories. And arguments are allowed as long as they don't get too out of hand.

What this forum is not:

This forum is not a place to abuse the freedom here by constantly spamming fake news whackadoodle feeds from your Telegram or other account (QAnon, etc). If you do post conspiracy shit, verify your sources before doing so. This forum has a vested interest in accuracy. Why? The information presented here is shared among others. Hard to convince anybody of anything when your sources turn out to be bullshit. We need to be responsible with our info.

Check your fucking sources before posting. Fucking period.

All that being said, you're supposed to be here for the gear, with politics etc a secondary sideshow.

If you cannot agree to the massive leeway and freedoms provided here, plus the corresponding accuracy responsibility requirements of this forum, then get the fuck out.
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Re: What This Forum Is And Is Not

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Like to add that we, unlike rig-talk.com, thegearpage.net, marshallforum.com, mylespaul.com, etc... are not a fake forum full of paid posters (who may or may not actually play guitar) whose sole purpose is to post shite daily so the forum looks "busy", so the ad revenue keeps pouring in for the forum owners.

We are also (unlike the aforementioned "forums") not full of shite-stirring trolls and people with mental issues who have nothing better to do in life.

We are a real forum full of real guitarists who are real enthusiasts of the topic.

No ads; none. We are ad revenue free. 8-)
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