York Audio iRs Test

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York Audio iRs Test

Post by lll »

6 speaker iR sets, using the 1st SM57 file (each iR set comes with a bunch of different mics, mixes etc):

-Celestion G12M-25
-Celestion G12M-20
-Celestion G12H-30 Blackbacks
-Celestion Alnico Blue
-JBL D120
-Fane FN50

Each clip is the exact copy of 3 passages of guitar:

-Bringin' On The Heartbreak clean part (Def Leppard)
-Big City Nights intro (Scorpions)
-Shoot To Thrill bits (AC/DC)

-Gibson SG Custom w/Seth Lovers
-'68 Plexi (.68uF V2) Ch1 V:8 B:0 everything else dimed
-Suhr Reactive Load

No FX or EQ whatsoever except:

-Panned to L 80%
-Little EMT140 reverb in R channel

Celestion G12M-25:

Celestion G12M-20:

Celestion G12H-30 Blackbacks:

Celestion Alnico Blue:

JBL D120:

Fane FN50:
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