Is The Gear Page Full Of Millennial Homos?

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Re: Is The Gear Page Full Of Millennial Homos?

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Re: Is The Gear Page Full Of Millennial Homos?

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Watson503 wrote: Mon Oct 24, 2022 11:25 pm I blame that TGP crowd for shit like this dude below - other than buying followers, how the fuck does this Paul Davids dude have almost 3 million subscribers? Total cuckery/faggotry going on and I blame TGP and its ilk as they seem the main den/hive of this bullshit

If I am not mistaken, Paul Davids and Rick Beato got into the Youtube game very early and built their following from the beginning. Paul was probably the first guitar teacher type that had very high quality production videos that people gravitated to because they were done so well and looked so good. I can see why people like both channels though in spite fo them not being my thing. If they had to each start over today I don't think either of their channels would be as large. The few that got in early and really made a go of it have massive subscribers and these two guys are examples of that for sure.
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Re: Is The Gear Page Full Of Millennial Homos?

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Hm. Decent, but I've heard tunes and playing like this with Neal Schon's "Beyond The Thunder" back in the 90's.

But "Epic" Solo Collab? Nope. Mostly quasi jazz/blues noodling.

What irritates me is that fucking hipster douchebag fag in the little circle in the upper right and his facial contortions while listening.

Couldn't be any more fucking hipster douchebag than that.

Remember millennial kiddies, if you can't change a spare tire on your car, get rid of the fucking poseur lumberjack beard.

And I vote purple lipstick chick for best solo. At a certain point she actually takes things to a higher level (than quasi jazz/blues noodling) with her note choice and technique, without sounding like mindless wanking.

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