Good Source For Plexi Potentiometers

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Good Source For Plexi Potentiometers

Post by lll »

What's a good source for spare parts pots for a Marshall Plexi?

Like a 1MOhm volume pot and stuff?

Some knobs are getting old and will need replacing (already done the DeOxit)
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Re: Good Source For Plexi Potentiometers

Post by harddriver »

I try to give Valvestorm my business when I can, he doesn't mark things up if at all, I've checked other places prices. For a plexi the Alpha's are actually made most like the old CTS Marshall used, the carbon tracks and such. You just need to buy more than you need and test them for resistance when the come in and pick the ones closest to spec of 1MEG because they have a 20% variance and they do vary quite alot sometimes.

I've done builds with the newer CTS and the Alphas are just as good and like I said for a plexi Marshall the closest in construction.

Other than Valvestorm I like Mouser direct and Antique Electronic Supply(Tubes and more)/Amplified Parts...all the same company.

Really it just comes down to who you want to patronize with your business.
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