The COVID Backtrack begins...........

Politics go here - rats, crybabies & commies will get curb stomped
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The COVID Backtrack begins...........

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Re: The COVID Backtrack begins...........

Post by lll »

Not on my fucking watch.

Some of these fucks need to die for what they tried to pull... others need to cough up $ for compensation... and all need a constant reminder of just how worthless they truly are as "human beings"; especially those of the virtue-signaling sheep variety.
The Democratic Party is a criminal organization and the enemy within of the United States of America.
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Re: The COVID Backtrack begins...........

Post by RockyStar »

The only back tracking in my book that is allowable is to the hangman's noose or the firing squad. Aside from that, NO DEAL! These satanic criminals MUST pay for their crimes. No Mercy, No Deals. They killed countless people and destroyed lives and families at every turn. They all deserve the cruelest, most painful suffering imaginable and even then it won't atone for everything they have done.
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