SDUGF Is Really Batting 1.000 Here With The Help (not)

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SDUGF Is Really Batting 1.000 Here With The Help (not)

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Read this thread from 5 days ago (which has only 6 replies; 2 from the same mod) where a dude asks for help with speaker iRs:

"Teach me about IR" ... e-about-ir

Now while there are a few tidbits of useful info in those 6 replies, you'd expect much more help from a forum that boasts 55,482 members... especially what with the current status quo (you know which dipshits) being gear experts and all. That thread should be busting at the seams with replies and sage advice. How many guitarists, for example, use iRs on their YouTube channel? Answer: pretty much fucking everybody.

The problem here is, the current status quo aren't up on technology that is already pushing 20 years old.

Besides, what's far more important is pizza, NFL, ear fatigue, scoring with soccer moms at some hole-in-the-wall pizza joint and believing in one's own review hype for the once-a-year gear review. :lol:

No wonder everyone's leaving that place... a forum is only as good as its members.
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Re: SDUGF Is Really Batting 1.000 Here With The Help (not)

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