The Truth About MonkeyMan

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The Truth About MonkeyMan

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MonkeyMan is a bonafide piece of shit.

After Nero shut down the OT and permabanned conservatives at during the 2020 Elections, this forum was started and we picked MonkeyMan for Moderator. MonkeyMan accepted. Things were going well until about a few months later we found out that the OT at was reopened and surprise surprise guess who was moderating it?

Yep, MonkeyMan. :lol:

Playing both sides for his own benefit. Whoring himself out to Nero by fucking us over so he could get his coveted Moderator position at

Sure, he'll act all friendly and call you "brother", but he's a big manipulator and a brown noser. He's also a pussy when it comes to the ban hammer (on purpose).

Trust him at your own risk. Like I said, he's a bonafide piece of shit. 8-)
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Re: The Truth About MonkeyMan

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Monkey Man would off his grandmother if it meant a "valued" slot as Global Moderator.

While somewhat kidding, that is exactly how little integrity he has, and how much of a slimebag whore he is. :lol:
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Re: The Truth About MonkeyMan

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That wanker? :lol:
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