1984 Panama Tone (& Girl Gone Bad)

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1984 Panama Tone (& Girl Gone Bad)

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Speaking of:

Did this 5 years ago; I've kept it on my Soundcloud because tonally it's damn close.

My pickup rule of thumb for the longest time with EVH tone is:

- SH-5 Custom for 1st album
- SH-11 Custom Custom for 1984 album

Used my '68 Plexi and mutt strat with a SD SH-5 Custom, but I EQ'd the guitar to add mids (forget which frequency, maybe 500Hz) which was my approximation of the SH-11 Custom Custom (which I have owned in the past, so I was familiar with this pickup's tone).

There is also a touch of Eventide and IIRC panned EMT140 to right.

Using Guitar Hero backing track:

Also fiddled with Girl Gone Bad with same above setup:

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